How to wear a suit in winter?

Stylish Ways To Wear a suit in winter

Suits have the most elegant and corporate look when worn with the best matching attire, One has also to look at their body shapes, figure, size, and many other factors to choose the best fitting kind of suit coat to wear. We take you through the stylish ways to wear a suit in winter.

Pick combinations to wear

Combination 1

Since it is cold in the winter, I suggest you go for woolen suits since they have enough warmth in them. You can wear a gray woolen suit with a white shirt, you can wear a tie if you like but a vest or a sweater is a must wear because it will keep you wormed all day long. Dress shoes will look nice for the day but make sure you wear woolen socks to keep your feet warm.

Combination 2

You can as well wear an extra overcoat to get more warmth. This overcoat should be worn over the suit. If you wear a vest, it should not be too tight and not too big. It has to fit you well so that when buttoned it fits well and should overlap the waistband of your pants by an inch or less.

How to wear a suit in winter?

Combination 3

Also, gloves made out of wool can look good when you wear a suit during winter, you can get gloves with simple colors like grey/maroon/ black.

Combination 4

Wear a scarf around your neck for extra warmth. You can wear your scarf as a second tie. Make sure you natch your scarf with your suit and shirt to get the elegant look. It is all about the details surrounding your suit. play around with the colors. You can tuck in the scarf in your closed jacket.

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