Shoes Matching With Shirt

Stylish ways to wear shoes with a shirt

Shirts are official types of wear, they are mostly worn with suits and can be well complemented with ties to give one an official type of look. Gentlemen who like looking smart mostly find such kind of clothing fit for them. Good shirts should match with the kind of belt worn, the type of suit one puts and lastly the kind of shoes that one decides to put on. In the world, we live in today people are very sensitive about what they put on. Even men who used to considered not so much fashion-sensitive today can be seen in different fashion centers trying to get a niche of the current trends in the market. To know which kind of shoes to wear with what kinds of shoes one may opt to use the various fashion magazines which are easily available in our local stores.

A white shirt may go well with some black flat leather shoes; the leather shoes should be worn with black trousers with some black belt. Such kind of clothing can be worn to some special occasions such as weddings or they may be worn to church. The black shoes are considered to be somehow dull and hence may increase the attention of people onto one’s face. The white is too bright and hence may be considered a good catch during hot summers. This kind of dressing can also be to some official occasions where one may be required to give some form of presentation. Due to the bright color of the shirt, this may give one some high marks during presentations.

Shoes matching with shirt

Different combinations

A purple shirt can be worn with some rubber shoes complemented with blue jeans. Such is considered an informal kind of dressing code. This type of dressing may be worn by an individual going to hang out with friends or one who may want to attend a friend’s private party. It may also be worn by an individual going for some walk-in some neighborhood. It may be during the late hours of the evening or in the afternoon. The purple shirt is an attractive one which goes a long way in giving one some good publicity which may not be achieved by the other colors. Those who love such colors really like it this way.

A redshirt may be worn with some golden brown boots, black trousers, and some black belt. This may especially be good on Valentine’s Day. During such a day loved ones go out they have good times being together. On this occasion, it is highly recommended that one should in his or her Sunday best to come out well and be accepted by her counterpart. Red is given priority as it is a good and easily visible color hence earning one compliment. When going out to shop for red shirts one should do it before valentine’s season because at such times there is some shortage of such attires. Golden brown boots match red shirts because the color itself is also bright and shiny hence can easily be noticed.

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