What to wear to a job interview?

Best combinations of attire for a job interview?

Anybody asking for a job opportunity has to have a certain way of presenting themselves. Wear decent clothes but avoid the over-the-knees and heels which are too high. Moderate heels are preferable, we take you through some of the steps on what to wear to a job interview.

Pick combinations to wear

Combination 1

Choose a brown belt and a black shoe to match with a navy suit. Wear a charcoal brown business suit with a two-button canvas front jacket, and features flat front pants, custom working buttonholes to match with a cream dress shirt to complete with a light blue tie, and black dress shoes for better results not forgetting a silver watch.

Combination 2

When it comes to what to wear to a job interview, wear a white long-sleeved dress shirt under a gray coat. The dress shirt to be tucked. Then match with grey pants and black heeled dress shoes to complete the outfit. The dress cost should be slightly shorter than the dress shirt, for the dress shirt to be visible, Add earrings and a designer bag to style up your outfit.

What to wear for a job interview?

Combination 3

Wear a double-breasted suit that fits you well, being double-breasted, you can only look smart when you button it all not like the two-button suit which you can wear without buttoning it. To looks elegant, you will have to wear a slim fit tailored double-breasted suit.

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