What to wear when rowing

Stylish ways to wear when rowing

Rowing is another fun game that the athletics do by chasing each other either on the river or lake. The participants either use boats or just chase each other to a specific destination until the team that first reaches the endpoint and it emerges the winner. You will need protective wear in case there is ac accident mostly in windy seasons.

Different combinations

Combination 1.You can wear a swimsuit just to be unique. But this will depend on the season. If it’s winter then you will have to wear layers because you will need to keep warm. You could wear water prof jackets on top of a swimsuit like the one in the pic below. It’s not so advisable to wear heavy cotton fabrics because they are too heavy when they sock which may lead to loss of control in case an accident happens.

Combination 2. You can also wear a cap of your choice in color to pair with a short-sleeved tee shirt then compliment with jean shorts that reach the knees to compliment with open strapped casual sandals to add goggles if desired for men, just make sure you do not forget on the protection gears because if the falls are high you need to protect your self.

Combination 3. Wear Edge water hi boots that reach the thighs to prevent any water from feeling you up all, any dangerous water habitat from hurting your feet and lower body parts. Dress in pants that have various pockets or a sleeveless jacket with various pockets to hold chapstick and any necessary item that needs to move with you. Ensure they have ample space for your legs to move freely. Let the pants be with an alternative of zipping off to turn to shorts as desired


  • You will need socks with scandals to use after and before rowing.
  • Shorts or tights should be form fitting to the body
  • You also need a good pair proper running shoes
  • polypro shirt wicks the moisture and keeps you warm.

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